Nov 28, 2011

ubuntu 11.10 plus plasma widget

I recently install the ubuntu 11.10. I spent some time to get used to the unity interface.
But the unity shell is lack of widgets and therefore I decided to install the plasma-desktop to my ubuntu. :P

1. install the package by the following command:
   apt-get install plasma-desktop plasma-scriptengine-python
2. create launcher to start the plasma desktop:
   type gnome-desktop-item-edit ~/Desktop --create-new
   and it will popup a dialog box.
   select "application" in the type field,
   filled "plasma-desktop" or whatever u like in the name field,
   filled "plasma-desktop" in the command field,
   and press ok.
   P.S u can also create a launcher to stop the plasma by filled the command field with killall plasma-desktop.
3. Let plasma looks better in unity
   a. System Settings > Application Appearance > Widget Style > GTK+
   b. System Settings > Workspace Appearance > Desktop theme > Get new theme
   c. Search for ‘Ambiance’
   d. install it and use it.
   e. remove the bottom panel if u don't like it.
4. Use the nautilus as default folder manager
   control center(system setting) > file associations > inode > directory [ then add: "nautilus --no-desktop" ]
   or you can just install dolphin if u don't like the nautilus.

That's it enjoy!!

reference website:

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