Apr 20, 2011

building the android adt for eclipse

After building the android source code and the sdk. I tried to build the adt as well.
But remember when you make adt, android will delete the .sdk and the .img which generated from android source code. (I took a lot of time to make the image files T T )
Therefore, my advice is backup those file before building the android adt.

OS: ubuntu 10.10
java version: sun-jdk1.5

Ok, now this is how I built my android adt.
1. Download  eclipse from here. (I prefer Download manually. When I use apt-get install eclipse, the building process failed.)
P.S I prefer the RAP and RCP version (since the package is smaller).

2. After downloading, extract the file to any directory you want.
   for example: ~/eclipse

3. set the environment variable ECLIPSE_HOME.
    export ECLIPSE_HOME=${the directory you extract your eclipse}

4.the final step is to make the adt using the script contain in the source code.
    ${android home}/tools/eclipse/scripts/build_server.sh ${destination-directory}
P.S the build_server.sh script may be contains in different folder depend on which version of source code you download
           ${android home} is where your android source code is
           ${destination-directory} is where you want to put your adt zip file.

After all these steps, you can see a zip file in your destination folder.

reference website: Build android device tool for eclipse

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