Apr 18, 2011

compiling android source code

Yesterday, I finally finished compiling the android source code. It took me the whole afternoon to accomplish this job.
The following is how it work.
My environment is: ubuntu 10.10 netbook edition. 

1.download the android source code.(Tooks me lots of time. 5GB source code)
    this step is referenced from the android official website.
2.compile the android source code
    the official website has it all. However, there are some detail that the website doesn't mentioned.
     when compiling the source code, I met two problems.
      a.the first problem happened when compiling the qemu,
         and the solution is install some extra packages.
         sudo apt-get install xllproto-core-dev (provides Xatom.h)
         sudo apt-get install libxll-dev (provides Xlib.h)
      referenced website: Issue 15
     b.another problem is when compiling the adb,
        Error message is like: /usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lncurses
        solution is install an extra package.
        sudo apt-get install libncurses5-dev
     reference website: problem compiling adb....

After these problems, everything works really fine.

And after compile is finished, u will see a directory called "out" in you android root directory.

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